Coryat Casting Company Inc. is a full-service bronze sculpture foundry producing bronze castings of superb quality of up to life-size proportions.

    In foundry operations there are two means of filling a refractory mold with molten metal -- the common "gravity method" and the "forced entry method".  The first simply means that the liquid metal is poured into a mold where it flows to the lowest point in the mold and then rises up through the mold until a filled up pouring cup indicates that the mold will hold no more metal. The second method suggests that the metal is forced into the mold by centrifugal action; pressure pushing the metal into the mold cavity; or vacuum sucking the metal into the mold.

    We have adapted our ceramic shell mold technology to use with our new vacuum casting equipment.  This means that we can cast pieces that would normally be too large or extended to be cast in a jeweler's vacuum casting machine while substantially reducing the number of gates and vents that would otherwise be required in casting the same piece by our regular gravity method.  The latter translates into less metal finishing and more of the artist's own surface being untouched by feeding gates.

    We will take an artist's piece from moldmaking, through the bronze casting and finishing process to the application of the artist's choice of patina and the mounting of the piece on a marble base - if the artist wishes us to do it all.

    However, many artists have the artisan skills required to make their own molds, cast their own waxes and finish a rough bronze cast, lacking only the facilities to pour molten bronze.  If an artist brings us a wax suitable for casting (please consult us if there are any questions regarding "suitability") we will attach the wax gating system; make the ceramic shell mold; burn out, pour, devest and degate the piece and give the astist the rough bronze cast for him or her to finish.

    We will also be glad to provide the artist any other foundry services in the production of any piece the artist does not have the time, know-how or equipment to handle.
Crucible being removed from furnace
Pouring molten bronze into ceramic shell molds
Vacuum cast of a mouse next to a penny

Coryat Casting Company Inc., 3346 Rt. 9G Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Tel: (845) 876-2553;  Fax: (845) 876-0783


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