Coryat  Casting Company can make molds in virtually any configuration of artists' works sculpted in stone, wood, plaster, terra cotta, wax, water-based clay, plasticine, papier mache, styrofoam, found objects, mixed media or any other reasonably stiff medium.

We use RTV rubbers of urethane or silicone. Plaster  mother molds are reinforced with plaster-soaked hemp (jute sliver)-- not the easier to use but far weaker squares of burlap.

Our chief moldmaker, Henry Coryat, got his start as an apprentice to third -generation master moldmaker, Joseph Carolfi at the Johnson Atelier in New Jersey in 1978-1979.  Since his training period at the Atelier Henry has made many hundreds of rubber molds of sculptures from jewelry-size pieces to large sculptures weighing well over 1000 pounds in bronze.

Our prices are quite competitive.
Mold size 64"x 32"
Alpheian Nymph by
Frank Brock
Alpheian Nymph by
 Brock  (1989)
60"x 22"x 24"

Coryat Casting Co   3346 Rt 9G Rhinebeck, NY 12572  
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