These are a few of the types of patinas that the artists can select from.
    Our experience has shown us that words are not the best way for the artist to convey his or her perception of a particular color since the descriptive names of colors vary enormously and the patinist has her own perception of that description.

    We have a set of sample-plates which we use mainly as "discussion items" so we can get a clearer sense of what the artist wants.  If an artist cannot find  the color  that he or she envisions among the samples, we ask that he bring a color sample which can be in the form of another bronze piece, a color picture from a catalog or any other visual sample that will help us determine what he or she wants.  

    Our patinist, Isabel M. Coryat, is in the process of writing a book which  describes the step-by-step recipe of the patinas included in the book, with color plates of the final result.  

    The book is intended not only for someone who would like to learn to do a successful patina, but it will also help artists understand why certain patinas may  or may not be suited for a particular piece due to its texture and surface finish.
 We will post a notice when the book is ready for publication so that anyone interested in acquiring a copy can do so by contacting us directly.

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