Gen. N. Herkimer

Left:  Before treatment
Right: After treatment
Detail of coat tail

Left: before treatment
Right: after repair and treatment
Detail of sword position

Left: before treatment
Right: positioning  newly cast sword

Gen. Francis Spinner
Left: before treatment
Right: after treatment
Partial views of the bronze
before treatment.
      The restoration project was spearheaded by Mr. Gary Hartman, Deputy Mayor and Trustee of the Village of Herkimer, New York.  The Village Board obtained  a Condition Assessment Award from S.O.S! Save Outdoor Sculpture to finance the cost of the survey of the monuments' condition.
      With the enthusiastic support and financial contributions of the local community and businesses enough funds were collected to go ahead with the restoration.
      The statues of General Nicholas Herkimer  by Burr C. Miller and General Francis Spinner  by H.J. Ellicott, were  treated in July 2002.  The rededication ceremony was held on Aug. 3rd., the 225th anniversary of the Battle of Oriskany.
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